The myVBO Suite Has Transformed

Inspired by our own transformation, we are now focusing our energy on bringing new opportunities to the business world. Let's discuss your next venture. Contact Us

Realized Strengths

With a transforming business world and an emphasis on costs we saw the opportunity that we had in front of us. The myVBO Purchasing Engine sparked the fire that created a shift in our focus. In the future we plan to execute additional aspects of the myVBO Suite.

Seized Opportunities

By employing the powerful Purchasing Engine of the myVBO Suite we have created Ziftr. The next big thing in e-commerce, Ziftr is a price comparison engine that utilizes consumer data to forecast shopping trends and retail behavior.

It's Your Turn. Follow the Process to Progress.

Not only have we revolutionized our own business, but we've also helped countless businesses turn their ambitions into realities. No matter how far into your project (or deep into your budget) you are, our team can help you pull it off. We have a wide range of expertise.


Every project starts as an idea. To move that idea forward, you need the right team. With a motto of "make it happen", our team knows exactly what it takes to do so.

How we can help:

User Experience Design
Responsive Web and Mobile Creative Design
Project Management


Our tech team has done it all: large-scale software platform development, software architecture and design, product development, native mobile development on all platforms, cloud computing development, database development (Elastic Search, Redis, Neo4j, mySQL, etc.) - you name it.

How we can help:

SDK Development
Database/Technical Architecture
Interface Development
Browser Toolbar/Extension/Add-on Development
RESTful API Development
Mobile Development for native Android, iOS, Blackberry

Ongoing Strategy

Without continual guidance and a proactive strategy, any project can fail - even years after it's launched. We can provide you with the resources you need to make data-driven decisions and stay fresh in the market.

How we can help:

Business/Product Strategy
Business Intelligence Reporting

As we say here at Ziftr: Make it happen!

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